Agriculture is the science and engineering of activities relating to the production, processing, marketing, distribution, utilization and trade of food, feed, fiber, fuel and many other useful natural bio-materials. Agriculture is the foundation that supports the constitution of a modern society on a sustainable basis.  Strengthening agriculture is critical to meet the challenges of rural poverty, food supply & security, unemployment, and sustainability of natural resources. A agricultural development strategy must address the necessity to let the farmers function most efficiently whilst increasing yielding profits.  Prosperity of the farmers, the state, and all the shareholders who finance the development, should be at the core of the agricultural development strategy.

Strengthening of crops for food.
Agriculture needs strengthening at technical, financial and management levels.  Farmer-centric agricultural development requires the basic enlightenment of farmers. Each farmer should be adequately educated and, then, trained to undertake agriculture as a profession.

Adoption of scientific farming including the acquisition of appropriate machinery, seeds, feed, other inputs, and the practices of irrigation, weeding, plant protection, harvesting, threshing, drying, storage, packaging, etc is a whole range of activities that essentially requires education.

Labour Force and structured training courses: need based skills could be acquired by these farmers, mechanics, and other laborers that use farming equipment.

Since cost competitiveness and product quality are essential requirements, Seedrock Africa, must develop or acquire relevant technology packages so as to ensure their ready availability to the farmers and agro-entrepreneurs.