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The idea is to generate long-term capital appreciation, “through global exposure to agricultural assets involved in the supply and demand chains of the agricultural sector and sector influenced industries.” We will invest in companies involved in crop production, agrichemicals and fertilizers, farm machinery, equipment, transportation and storage, food processing, distribution and retailing, biofuels and other agribusinesses; and agricultural commodities.

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World Development Report 2008: Agriculture for Development

Agriculture is a vital development tool for achieving the Millennium Development Goal that calls for halving by 2015 the share of people suffering from extreme poverty and hunger. That is the overall message of this year’s land-deals-by-agriculture-investors, the 30th in the series. Three out of e[...]

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Linking Performance and Collective Action—the Case of the Office du Niger Irrigation Scheme in Mali

Increasing irrigation efficiency in irrigation schemes has always been high on the agenda of policy makers. Despite quite some ‘social’ experiments, whereby large portions of management were carried over to the farmer level, results often remained disappointing. This paper explores why this came[...]

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Mali - Agriculture

Only the southern part of Mali is suited to farming, and less than 2% of Mali’s area is cultivated. Agriculture accounted for about 45% of GDP, 21% of exports, and over 80% of the active labor force in 2001. Millet, rice, and corn are the basic food crops. Millet and sorghum are cultivated mai[...]

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The cultivation of food crops occupies 86 percent of the economically active population of Mali.

Agriculture also contributes more to the gross domestic product than any other sector. Crops grown in Mali depend almost entirely on irrigation or flooding from the Niger River and its tributaries. The main crops are millet, rice, sorghum, corn, and sugarcane. Livestock raising, principally in the n[...]

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The caravans of gold made the Mali Empire a celebrated name far beyond West Africa.

The caravan routes met at Niani and other staging posts, and their protection was a major function of the empire. Gold, salt, copper, and kola nuts were central to Mali’s economy. Following the reign of Sunjata, Mali became the world’s largest producer of gold. Along with the movement of materia[...]

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Rabobank named best agribusiness bank in Australia for fifth consecutive year

Specialist agricultural lender Rabobank has again been named the best agribusiness bank in Australia by the independent Merrill Lynch Business Banking Review. “Food and agribusiness is at Rabobank’s heart. It is our speciality and expertise and this is reflected in the service and suppor[...]